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Frequently Asked




How come all the pillows are different, even from the same animal?


All pillows are made to order here in my workshop, and may look slightly different from the picture as it is genuine fur and not manufactured. Every piece is unique as it depends on the fur that is available at the moment.

Having worked with fur for a while, I have noticed that every piece I transform into decorative cushions is different.

Animals, just like humans, can strongly differ in furtypes, even the same species. This difference is not only in color, but also in the hairlenght, the curl, the softness or hardness of the hair. This is why one astrakhan cushion is not like the other one.


As I want to deliver only the highest quality of products - and it all depends on the fur coats that I have available at this moment - it could happen that some cushions are not available at the moment of your order.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or special requests.





How and where can I purchase Furness products.


FURNESS cushions can be purchased only in Belgium.

As I think that it is important to feel the cushion before deciding upon purchasing it, I present my items on home parties and little artisanal markets where I can explain the concept and where the customer can see what he is buying.

If you are interested in my products, please contact me via email.





What if I want a cushion made of the coat I have already?


It is certainly possible to have a FURNESS cushion made from the coat you provide me.

the only condition is that the coat is of good quality and still in good condition (not torn, the fur is not falling out, and the skin on the inside is still soft). I will ask you to provide me pictures of the coat, or to bring it along before I start working on it. This phase is also necessary so I can see what can be done (size/length of the coat also matter)



How do I clean my cushions?


Fur is an organic material and will shed some hair over time. Don't worry, your FURNESS won't go bald. Shedding is a natural process. Just give your cushion a good shake to get rid of any loose hairs and fluff it up.


Never use chemicals, cleaners or other products that could damage the fur and its natural structure. Accidental spills are best wiped up quickly with a slightly damp cloth. Never wipe against the grain or rub the fabric and certainly don't put it in the washing machine.


Your FURNESS has been professionally cleaned before reaching you. Fur is self-cleansing and shouldn't need any further treatment, but if you do feel yours could do with some extra care, please ensure you visit a specialist dry-cleaner.


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